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CONSTRUCTION REFORM: Building Act for the 21st Century?/ 30 Jul 2021

CONSTRUCTION REFORM: Building Act for the 21st Century?

A major change in the legislation on construction and land-use planning is about to take place. However, the proposals, which are intended to be in line with the present, are the subject of a wide-ranging debate.

STATES BEFORE THE COURT: Will lawsuits protect the environment?/ 29 Jun 2021

STATES BEFORE THE COURT: Will lawsuits protect the environment?

Courts are increasingly ruling on lawsuits, by which the citizens seek to take an active approach to climate change mitigation.

Notarial certificate is no longer enough for adverse possession/ 18 Jun 2021

Notarial certificate is no longer enough for adverse possession

Since May the power to confirm the adverse possession has shifted from notaries to the courts. It is bringing greater transparency and legal certainty. What does the new process of adverse possession look like?


We want to think two steps ahead. You will highly appreciate the fact that a senior team is looking at your case, because you want to be in the hands of professionals. Each matter you entrust to us goes through the filter of the best legal minds in our office.

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